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May 13, 2011
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Terezi Shimeji by ladyneko Terezi Shimeji by ladyneko
*If you can't open a .rar file, please download WINRAR! It's free and will give you a trial version, but the trial version (at least, in my case) never actually disappears after the trial expires.

I found that my computer does not want to zip files traditionally, so I have a .rar file available.

If you have read this, thank you.*

I finally got onto the bandwagon! <3 Took me a while to make this, through the semester and whatnot. I really wanted a good-looking Terezi shimeji available, so I just made one myself.~

This one, while complete, is not exactly perfect. There are these pixel things that love escaping the lines, and I've tried to combat this problem as best as I possibly could. D: This just means that there will be an update to this sometime in the future. :3c

***EDIT: The file here is now the complete shimeji folder, ready for extracting and using, since people were having trouble with the img files alone.***

Enjoy! <3

( Also, if you want to take any screencaps involving this shimeji or want to distrubute the file, feel free to, but just give credit to me. :> Also, I think it would be awesome if you sent me pictures of my shimeji on your desktop, because I'm nosy and it sounds like fun. <333)

Terezi Pyrope (c) Andrew Hussie

-------I'm leaving these instructions here just in case you download some img files for a shimeji and need to know how to install them!--------

"If you download a whole shimeji folder and open it, you'll see that there are a list of folders, one in particular being an "img" folder. Here's what you do:

> make a copy of a shimeji folder and rename it to whatever you want (in this case, name it "Terezi Shimeji" or something like that)

> open the renamed folder and find the "img" folder and open that

> now locate the new zipped Terezi img folder, open it, and copy all of its contents

> replace the image contents of the "img" folder in the renamed folder with the copied images

And you're done. <3 But make sure that the amount of images in the folder you're modifying matches the amount of images in the zipped Terezi img folder - otherwise, bad things will happen. "

I do hope this helps a little bit! But if not, feel free to comment below if you've followed the directions as stated.~

Also, you're all quite welcome in regards to the thank you's I've been getting! <3 It makes me a happy soul that you have happy souls because shimeji Terezi version. 8>


...I should probably have also told you guys that I use Windows VISTA. So I don't know how Windows 7 works, and things might be different for you if you use that; in that case, you should probably ask someone who has shimeji and uses Windows 7.
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ievawolfgirl Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student General Artist
1 JU27 L0V3 17 > vvvvvvvv < WH47 D1D Y0U U23? SAI?
ladyneko Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually used photoshop elements to make this one!
ievawolfgirl Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh! Thanks :33
yell0wdrops Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
Oh my god I love it!
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i'm not sure hw i'm suposed to work it... do i download them and stuff? aren't they supposed to move around your scr33n? somebody please help me D:
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Cute! :D
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